We love helping people! Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us!!!

During your first year of marriage, people often comment on how happy and healthy you look, reassuring that a little weight gain of 5 pounds is normal and a good sign that you are happily in love. This can certainly be true.  However, adding the yearly “happy” 5 pounds, I quickly found myself overweight and out of shape after only 3 years of marriage. I decided immediately after celebrating our 3rd anniversary that I would focus on exercising and eating right, and of course the weight would come off with no problems. That was not the case. After exercising for 3 months regularly, I was still overweight. I thought perhaps it could be my metabolism holding me back and decided I needed some expert advice to help in my weight loss goals.

Contacting Wonderfully Nutritious Solutions was exactly what I needed. Johane was so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. After discussing my diet with her, she was able to pinpoint the areas that were hindering my weight loss and gave such easily manageable solutions. The best thing about contacting Wonderfully Nutritious Solutions and working with Johane, was that it was so easy to make her suggestions and recommendations a part of my everyday life. Instead of being subjected to a strict and tasteless diet, Johane educated me  on how to have delicious healthy meals full of flavor and still lose weight!

In two weeks I will be celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary and am happy to say I am 15 pounds lighter and I am continuing to maintain my healthy eating habits and choices thanks to Wonderfully Nutritious Solutions!


I was having a hard time balancing eating well and working out to reach my weight loss goals. I would work out so hard but my diet still inhibited me from reaching my goals. I reached out to Johane of Wonderfully Nutritious Solutions to create a meal plan for me that would help to jump start my journey. I am 8lbs down after just a couple of months. I am so thankful to her for her patience with me. I know I can be a hard client at times but she always took the time to answer any questions I might have had, and even at time readjusted my meal plan to fit my preferences.


Johane is an amazing dietician who goes above and beyond to help her clients with their needs. She has counseled me on numerous occasions via her Dietitian on Demand service. I like that she is very thorough in her evaluations, asking all of the questions that will lead to favorable results.

I absolutely recommend her to anyone who seeks guidance on anything food and health related.


I don’t know where to begin. Johane has been such huge help. I am a new mommy. I was having problem with my daughter latching on to me, not knowing if I was pumping correctly, not sure if I was breastfeeding properly. I was really stressing myself out. Until Wonderfully Nutritious Solutions came to the rescue. Anything I texted her about she answered for me.  She gave me reassurance that everything would be ok. She even sends me facts on almost everything I ask about.  She’s responds quickly and I always feel at ease by the end of our conversation. We don’t even live in the same city but I can definitely count on her. Breastfeeding is not easy, Johane has definitely made it more understanding for me.  Thank you again.


It has been almost 5 months since I have been on the LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet…Before I started the diet, I had severe digestive disturbances, constant headaches, weight imbalances, food cravings, coughing, mood swings, unable to sleep at times.  I am happy to report that all of these symptoms are gone since about the 10th day of the diet.  I have lost 6 lbs.  I cook everything from scratch now, strictly adhere to the diet and feel so much healthier.  Please continue to use this method of treatment on others with these problems.  It has been a life saver for me.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I chose the LEAP Program hoping to get some sort of relief from my digestive problems and chronic diarrhea.  My condition had gradually worsened over the past year and had become very uncomfortable and humiliating for me.  I was surprised when after only 4 days on the LEAP Program I started to feel results.  Eliminating harmful foods from my body has made me feel like a new person.  I now have normal bowel movements, no bloating, lower blood pressure, a truly great sense of well being and new found energy!  The LEAP Program really works!!